Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cheeky T-Shirts! From China.

When I was in Vang Vieng, Laos last month, I discovered that most of the town's souvenir & clothing shops were operated by Chinese citizens. This is not surprising as China is Laos' northern neighbour and Laos has long opened its doors to Chinese investors and businesses. There are also China sponsored or aided big projects are construction of roads and dams.
In Vientiane, there's even a Chinese owned mini departmental store that sells lots of China made stuff (.... it's in the 'Chinatown' part of Vientiane)

What I found amusing when browsing through the shops in Vang Vieng were the cheeky China made T-Shirts on sale. Seriously, the T-Shirts are meant for the many backpacker tourists who make Vang Vieng their temporary nesting ground (the villagers of Vang Vieng most likely won't understand the cheekiness of it all...). The following photos from an email being circulated on the internet gives an idea what was available in Vang Vieng's stores .....

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  1. Ha... interesting blog. Like your travelogue. KL