Thursday, April 9, 2009

Drizzle & Diarrhea Disaster

I'm still in Guilin and it has been a depressing day. Firstly, it has been raining the whole day, I mean from before dawn right up to now 8.30pm ! The rain alternated between light drizzles and heavier pitter-patter. This is not the thunderstorm we get in Malaysia where volumes of water are dumped in a short span of time. No flash flood of the sort that we get in KL but definitely dampens one's spirit considerably.

Secondly, I had a bout of food poisoning (another of my traveling companions was affected too). Prime suspect is the small restaurant we went for dinner last night.... packed with locals and very reasonably priced (66 Yuan, approx RM33 for a meal for 3 persons... 1 fish dish, 1 pork spare ribs, 1 taufu dish, 1 veggie dish and rice, ..unbelievable value for money). We overlooked the unhygenic condition of the restaurant and paid the price for it.

So today was spent in the hotel room and visiting the toilet a few times.... plans for a 2D1N trip to Xingping (a old town located on beside scenic Li River) was scrapped. We are now praying for bright and sunny sky for tomorrow...


  1. Hallo Friend Lim,

    I like yuor blog, You are Bisnis man.
    If You like Sumatra, come join with us

    Hulman Simangunsong

  2. Welcome home David. I've been to Guilin a few times and this bout of ill seems to catch us each time. The water and the temperamental weather is the cause. If it serious do go the local clinic which looks very shabby and have a fix of the intravenous fluid. This will very quickly revitalize us.
    Keep up the good work.